Thursday Presents Full Collapse x Domestica
Cursive, Anthony Green

Saturday, December 3, 2022 at 7:45pm
The Rave/Eagles Club
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An Open Letter From Thursday

2022 has been a strange year but it has also been a great one. Mostly, it’s been a fast year and we can’t believe we’re nearing the end of it. We toured through a new variant of the coronavirus and played the biggest sold-out show of the tour in New York City - with friends and family lending a hand when we got bad news the morning of the show!

We did almost two months of touring with Geoff on a scooter after he sustained a leg injury in San Fran (we like to think that as Axl showed Dave Grohl the way, we led the path for Zach and Rage— probably not but we can dream). We played, moved and amended shows along the way in accordance with ever changing parameters. Behind the scenes, we went through personal turmoil before entering a period of great joy.

All in all, this year has been a period of reminiscence and reconnection. We spent so much time with our dear friends in Cursive. We got invited to perform with so many of our oldest confidantes at the upcoming Aftershock and WWWY festivals. Jimmy Eat World asked us to play their homecoming Phoenix shows and our brothers in My Chemical Romance invited us to play on the biggest tour of our lives. In typical Thursday fashion, we chose to juxtapose those arena shows with some smaller-than-small shows in Baltimore, Brooklyn, Chicago etc etc.

We also released War All The Time Live and Full Collapse Live. Both sold out in minutes and your support (as always) SAVED this band in the midst of a very difficult time. In 2019, Craft Records approached us that they wanted to do a 20th Anniversary release of Full Collapse (they own the rights to it). Our experiences with the previous rights owners have been well documented and to our delight Craft let us present it how we always dreamed of doing so. We wanted it be more than ‘just’ a record but rather a present — a (very large) piece of art — that sits proudly on a coffee table or a mantle and not just on a vinyl shelf. It looks great on any item of furniture or small family alter! We love it so much. Rumors that there is a secret non-advertised piece of vinyl inside it, featuring some of the people mentioned above, can neither be confirmed nor denied. If you have not checked it out yet, then please do - it is one of the most beautiful things that we have ever seen.

We kept hearing the same few things over and over again as we toured this year. Thank you for coming to Youngstown, Ohio - Thank you for coming to Portland, Maine, Thank you for coming to Worcester (twice), Thank you for coming to the smaller US towns etc etc. We kept hearing how perfect it was that we were touring with Cursive. We kept hearing how everyone loved the energy that Anthony Green brought to both the stage and our lives. 

We also kept hearing - why did you not play Canada? Why haven’t you made up this particular show? Why did you not play any of the

supplementary cities that you grew up playing in. Every time we played a Full Collapse show, we thought ‘this will be the last one.’ Every single time we walked off stage, a promoter or a fan (or both sometimes) asked us - will you please play Full Collapse in ‘insert city name here’ - it is really quite unbelievable to us and we so appreciate it all.

Every holiday season, we have traditionally played shows in the North East (apart from that awesome year in California, for the MCR return). We even played the pivotal Signals Two, live from the IIWII studios in Jersey, in the 2020 holiday lockdown.

This year we are changing things up and NOT doing any late December shows into the New Year. For the first time in a long time, we are going to spend the season with our families. However (and speaking of spending time with our ‘other’ families) and factoring in all of the above, we have decided to do one last 12 date run in December, playing cities we never normally get to, including Canada.

Our brothers (and sister) in Cursive are coming along for the ride and to make these shows even more special our renegade cousin Anthony Green will open 11 of the 12 shows.

To celebrate, Full Collapse finally being released the way we always wanted it (thank you Craft Recordings) we will be playing the record in its entirety during these concerts.

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Anthony Green
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December 10, 2022
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